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Galería OMR

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Galería OMR is a contemporary art gallery in the gallery-heavy neighborhood of Roma Norte off of Avenida Álvaro Obregón. Opened way back in 1983, it’s today one of the old-school consistently view-able and visit-able galleries.

With a stable of emerging and established contemporary artists, OMR also maintains exclusive representation for the estates of historical figures like Adolfo Riestra, Luis Ortiz Monasterio, and Alberto Gironella. Consistently influential, the gallery has never shrunk from the avant-garde artists of its time and many of these have gone on to become reference points to the entire contemporary Mexican art scene.

While the website only lists exhibition highlights back to 1999, Galería OMR has been a steady, even steadying, presence from way back – even as the art market has begun to glow white hot.

A regular exhibition schedule, far from being stale or tiring, has continued to offer an eager public more of what it wants. With some emphasis on the big and the bold, OMR has consistently shown that one needn’t sacrifice the subtle and the detailed in the rush for the next big thing.

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