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Weather Forecasts, Pollution & UV


20° broken clouds
21° clear sky
21° overcast clouds
22° scattered clouds
22° clear sky
22° overcast clouds

Air quality in Mexico City

Live air quality report and air quality forecast in Mexico City


75 AQI

The air is moderately polluted. Greater than the maximum limit established for one year by WHO. A long-term exposure constitutes a health risk.

Weather Forecasts for Mexico City. What to expect?

Mexico City is a high altitude location so appropriate precautions need to be taken. Weather forecasts in Mexico City generally allow for pleasant visits year-round. Rather mild winters see temperatures peaking at between 20 and 24 degrees C (68 to 74° F). The hottest months are generally April and May, when average temperatures climb to about 28 degrees C (83° F).

The rainy season lasts from June through early October, when the city receives about 85% of annual precipitation. However, even during these rainiest months, rainfall is usually limited to but a few hours per day and seldom for more than a few days sequentially. Expect intense downpours for parts of some days. December, January and February also see slight rainfalls, and hail will often fall during heavier downpours year round. Click here for more information on the best seasons to travel to Mexico City. 

Air Quality
Although Mexico City’s high altitude and anti-cyclonic weather systems generally discourage wind, the result is that pollutants from industry and automobiles can hang in the air and affect the breathing and health of visitors alike.

For those with asthma or extra sensitivity, you may want to watch the numbers above, and reduce your activities when indicators indicate extra pollution or contaminated conditions.