Mexico City can’t be visited in its entirety in one lifetime. But let’s give it a shot.

On Behalf of the Mexico City Government, WELCOME.

There are lots of reasons to visit. Learning more and more about it makes every visit even that much more valuable. 

Within the following pages is everything you need to get more out of your next visit.

This visitor’s guide has the essential information to make your trip as pleasant as possible, but we’ve also included a lot of extras to give you the best possible Mexico City. 

We’ll try to provide information on the neighborhoods to visit, the museums, and the places of interest, and more of the places that are just deeply fascinating. For the traditions that continue, and for the new sites and structures and experiments.  

There’s something in Mexico City that often inspires. Whether it be awe or a sense of wonder, some things are for sure. One cannot know the Western world, nor the past 500 years of the West, without grappling with this complex, inter-related, and fascinating society. Its works, its people, its history, and its future have come together in this metropolis. We hope you’ll take some time to learn more about it.  

Within these pages are better than the vaguest of outlines. We’ve tried, and continue to work, to present what is a continually evolving city. It’s many faces, stories, facades, valleys, and canals; they’re all etched with the same deep lines of history, as perhaps are we all.

In tracing some of them, we trace ourselves, and hopefully, better understand who and what we’ve come to be. 

-October 2019


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