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Getting Around

Subway Mexico City
There’s dozens of ways to get where you’re going. Here’s everything you need to know.

Getting around Mexico City is half the fun. 


Getting around Mexico City is much easier than is commonly believed, and despite a long history of world-famous traffic problems. That said, traffic can still slow you up and it’s recommended that you look into the Metro, get used to it, and learn to use it for the majority of your daily trips. It’s affordable, reliable, and usually quite a bit faster than most other kinds of transit.  

Mexico City Airport

Travel to and from the Mexico City airport can be accomplished on the Metro or on Metrobus Linea 4. To come from the airport, you’re encouraged to prepay with one of the authorized taxi services inside of the airport terminal. Taxis offering rides from outside the airport are illegal, and should be avoided. A limited number of cellphone apps (Uber, Didi, Cabify, Beat, etc) will offer to pick you up from the sidewalk 

The Mexico City Metro Card

It’s your ticket to a rapidly expanding list of transit methods that will get you all around Mexico City. 

Mexico City Metro

The Metro is your best bet for nearly all travel within the city. Here’s the most complete information available at this time. 

Taxis / Apps

While many travelers have found transport digital platforms (like Uber, Didi, Cabify, Beat, etc) especially helpful within the city, the use of services like those offered by taxi apps does put the rider at a somewhat higher risk than some alternatives. Here’s everything you need to know. 


Your home driver’s license very likely will qualify you to drive within the city. Be aware that local conditions and driving customs and habits may be very different to other environments in which you’ve driven.  Be aware that your car, or your rental vehicle may be restricted from use on certain days of the week. 

Metrobus and Other Buses

The Metrobus System runs along seven dedicated lines within the city and costs (with the same smartcard as the Metro system) just six-pesos. For many neighborhoods, and many points of interest, the Metrobus may be your best option. If you see the distinctive red Metrobuses moving near your hotel, you may very well want to investigate which line it corresponds to, and be that much more mobile.