Chapultepec Forest

Chapultepec Park in Mexico City is the biggest park yet. And it's home to dozens of other museums, fountains, monuments - even the zoo. Almost no one visits Mexico City without at least passing through Chapultepec.

It's about  686 hectares, or 1,695 acres. Still centered on the rock formation called Chapultepec Hill, it had become a retreat even for Mexica ru0lers. Later, during the colonial period, the Chapultepec Castle took shape here and served as the official residence of Mexican presidents until 1940. After that, Mexican Presidents went to another part of the park called Los Pinos, a whole story unto itself.

Divided into four sections, the first is the oldest and the most heavily visited. This section contains most of the park's attractions including the Castle, the Chapultepec Zoo, the National Museum of Anthropology, and the Rufino Tamayo Museum, and many others.

The second section, contains museums like the Papalote children's museum, the Museo Tecnológico, and the Natural History Museum.

Chapultepec's third section is primarily a wildlife reserve, although visitors are welcome.

A fourth section, being planned at this writing, has been envisioned as the "world's largest cultural center." It is still in the planning stages and is being directed by the artist, Gabriel Orozco.


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