Metro Chapultepec

Metro Chapultepec
Photo: Ymblanter on Wikimedia Commons

metro chapultepec Metro Chapultepec is one of the busiest single-line metro stations in the city. This can be explained by the station’s proximity to the park, which especially on weekends will fill arriving trains to capacity. It’s also a very important transfer station for buses heading to the city’s northwestern suburbs.

Most convenient for the neighborhoods of  western Colonia Juárez, Condesa and Roma Norte, it’s also the regular station for some residents of San Miguel Chapultepec. The station symbol is a grasshopper, from the Nahuatl meaning “Grasshopper hill.” In fact, Chapultepec has been an important part of the city since long before the Spanish conquest in 1521.

The Mexica and their subject peoples took over this part of the Valley of Mexico when they conquered the Tepaneca people  of Azcapotzalco. Both a sacred and strategic site, it was quickly converted to receive the remains of cremated rulers. It was also an important area for fresh water for the main city across the lake.

In 1420, Nezahualcoyotl built a palace in the area which is remembered in the Nezahualcoyotl Fountain of today. Later, Moctezuma II was to build reservoirs and arbors built in the area. As early as 1465, Moctezuma I had the three kilometer Tlaxpana aqueduct built. Although no remains of this aqueduct are known, the echo of the earlier work can be heard in the Fuente de Belen immediately outside and above the present metro station. It was moved to this location from a spot closer to Chapultepec Avenue (where some of the original aqueduct arches can be seen) in 1921.

Having been in service on Line 1 since 1969, the station also boasts a slightly more extensive array of retail stores, including those for clothes and similar items. It’s exceptionally close to the entire western end of the business district of Paseo de la Reforma including:

Metro Chapultepec is also very convenient to most of the most popular parts of Chapultepec Park among them:

  • Chapultepec, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 11850 CDMX

Chapultepec Castle, The National History Museum,

Chapultepec Castle is one of the premier sites in the city, and one of the highest you can visit, too!

Chapultepec Lake

The famous lake in Chapultepec is in fact but one of several bodies of water, in a park as big as some cities.

Tribuna Monumental, Chapultepec

A quiet sun-dappled hemicycle in Chapultepec remembers the fallen in battles near and far.

Centro Cultural del Bosque

The leading performing arts cultural center in the city, it's not just theater and dance, but the forest too.

The Chapultepec Fountain & Aqueduct

A striking historical artifact offers a glimpse into a very different water system and a thirsty city.