Transit Stations

Mexico City's Metro is the pride of the city. It's always changing, thriving, growing and evolving into something new.

It's long been understood as part of the modern iconography of the city.

For the 50th anniversary exhibition at the Museo Archivo de la Fotografía, Eduardo Villegas, Coordinador of the Historical and Cultural Memory of Mexico, described the Mexico City Metro as the "veins and arteries of the city." As an orientation point for anyone here:


“the city is divided into Metro stations, and for those of us who use public transportation it’s a shared experience.”


The Metro system makes the entire city more accessible.

Of course, for visitors from other countries it can seem labyrinthine. It can be confusing, a bit scary, or a bit complicated. For that, you've got a bunch of resources right here, including a guide to using the Metro and to getting and using your first Metro Card.

What you'll find once you get going is a system of symbols, colors, icons, architectural challenges, cooperative spaces, and crowds of Mexico City residents. Together these have made up an increasingly vital way of understanding the entire city.

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