Almanaque Fotográfica
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The ALMANAQUE-fotográfica is one of the leading photography galleries in la Roma. The gallery opened its doors in 2016 to exhibit and sell limited editions of photographs from international artists. Founded by Arturo Delgado, a cultural diplomat and art lover, the gallery is a collaboration with art curator and photography expert, Corinna Koch. The two share an interested in younger artists with powerful and innovative portfolios. But they also make a special effort to present photographers already recognized on the international scene.

Since 2016, the gallery has shown the work of photographers and artists like Tania Franco Klein, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio and Konstantin Grebnev just to mention a few. But ALMANAQUE-fotográfica has also made a point of frequently traveling to other countries. The gallery has participated in international art fairs like Photo London, SCOPE Miami/New York and Photo LA Collect + Connect.

The private showroom is a small space where every visitor gets the opportunity to view an exciting selection of works. These are often framed by Delgado’s expert eye. The curators involved with every exhibition play a role too. Private viewing or visits are easy to arrange by email or chat.

At home on the calle Colima, the gallery has lots of contemporary art-related neighbors. And visiting is a good chance to stroll the neighborhood or to pop into any number of other galleries. There are lots.

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