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Plaza La Rosa, Zona Rosa


The Plaza la Rosa has been the geographical center of the Zona Rosa for generations. With entrances on both Londres and Hamburgo streets, it sort of can’t help it. While it’s hardly the biggest shopping center, it’s a frequent meet-up point, and offers welcome refuge on hotter city days.

With parking, a few restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers, it’s a good spot for connecting. It’s also more historical than it probably seems. Much of the city’s recent LGBTTIQ history has been written in the streets and the surrounding neighborhood. Through all of that history, this little shopping center’s been a mainstay.

The plaza also draws a fair amount of trade from the nearby, and very busy, Reforma corporate and office communities. That means, regular weekdays see a steady lunch crowds move through. Even with the much bigger Reforma 222 shopping center just a few blocks away, this one’s held its own.

For those in town during June (Pride Month), it’s a quick walk from most of the neighborhood, to La Marcha, down Reforma. The Plaza la Rosa has been a central place for finding your gang of friends, even if it’s not where you’ll end up staying.

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Plaza del Angel Antique Center

Nearest at 0.18 kms.

USA Embassy / Chancery Building

Nearest at 0.26 kms.


Reforma 222

Shopping, or just a quick break, it's one of Mexico City's best-placed shopping centers.

Plaza del Angel Antique Center

A Zona Rosa institution, the Saturday antiques market is still one of the best in the City.

Metro Insurgentes and the Glorieta Insurgentes

One of the most important Metro stops in the City, you can't come to Mexico City without seeing it once.

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