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Plaza del Angel Antique Center

plaza del angel antiques
Photo courtesy of the Plaza del Angel Facebook page.


The Plaza del Angel is one of the most prominent antiques markets in the center of the country. It’s been a Zona Rosa institution for decades. Going on regular days, anyone gets an eyeful just gawping through the windows. The shops themselves are home to many of the country’s leading dealers.

But the Plaza del Angel is most famous for Saturdays. Shopkeepers need to contend with dozens of much smaller dealers who take over the sidewalks and pretty much any available space. It can be tons of fun. And there’s almost nothing that’s not utterly unique and hard to find: pottery and china, books, religious art, furniture, even polished and not-so-polished armor and helmets.

The plaza is also central Zona Rosa. It doesn’t get much more Zona Rosa than this. Like any trip in or out of Zona Rosa, it can be easily covered in a couple of ours and combined with trips to nearby places like Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc, or other points on Paseo de la Reforma.

Longtime city residents will arrive via the Glorieta de Insurgentes, and thus Metro Insurgentes on Line 1.  One reason it’s such a popular area is because it is, in fact, so totally walkable.


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