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Frontón México


The Frontón México was built as the city’s primary jai alai court in the Plaza de la República, in the Tabacalera neighborhood. Opened on May 10, 1929, it was closed from 1996 until March 10, 2017 when it reopened as multi-functional entertainment and convention center. The official jai alai court in Mexico, it has hosted important tournaments.

The first roofed enclosure for large-scale sporting events in Mexico City, today Frontón México “has the capacity to host a wide variety of sporting, cultural and artistic events.”

The building was officially opened on May 10, 1929 and became popular sport and performance hall over the next several decades. Designed by the architects Teodoro Kunhardt and Joaquín Capilla, the building reached its peak from the 1930s to the 1950s. It closed after labor conflicts.

Restoration and renovation conditioning process began under the supervision of the National Institute of Fine Arts – and cost 35 million dollars. On March 10, 2017, the building re-opened, now equipped with a casino and movable stages for performances.

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