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Monument to the Revolution


How to get here


Frontón México

Nearest at 0.10 kms.

Arredondo \ Arozarena Gallery

Nearest at 0.28 kms.

Zesta Punta

Nearest at 0.1 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


Nearest at 0.2 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


Plaza San Carlos - Parque Tabacalera

The Tabacalera Park is the former garden of the Palace of Buenavista...

Frontón México

One of the most curious of Mexico City art deco buildings, the Fronton sat abandoned for 20 some years. Today, it's a casino and jai alai court once more.

Metro Revolucion

A great way to get to the monument and the museum, but a few steps into the Tabacalera neighborhood and you'll be glad you came.

Arredondo \ Arozarena Gallery

One of the highlights of the Tabacalera contemporary art scene, Arredondo\Arozarena is not just decking the walls.

Galería Rullán

One of the city's longest running commercial galleries, this one has always something curious tucked away.

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