Mercado Zacatito

mercado zacatito
Photo courtesy of the Mercado Zacatito Facebook page.


The Mercado Zacatito is one of the best loved markets in its area. That area includes the Argentina neighborhoods, (Argentina Antigua and Argentina Poniente or Nuevo) and the little neighborhood of Torres Torreo to the west. International visitors arrive here after touring the massive complex of cemeteries to the north. It’s a lot of life in a little market.

Open 365 days a year, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., the market here is always fresh, and packs a ton of good food under one roof. If you’ve not eaten in a public market, we put together a guide to the fondas, and small restaurants, lunch counters, and eateries you can find here. It’s a better way to eat, and you get higher quality food. This is especially important if you’re eating street food and tacos all the time.

We’re not kidding ourselves that the Mercado Zacatito or the Cemeteries are going to be the next Zocalo or the Bellas Artes Palace. If there’s a good place to eat, you can take a chance on exploring the cemeteries, even all morning. They’re quiet, reflective, and loaded with fascinating architecture and stone sculpture. Afterwards, the market for lunch is just about the perfect cap to such a day. And this one is close, a few blocks from Metro Panteones, and always delicious.

  • Don’t forget, the best way to enjoy better Mexican cooking and food, is by learning the Public Markets of Mexico City. You’ll still hit the restaurants and the street food places. Like Mexican people do, save that stuff for night time. During the afternoon, take in a good 3-course lunch and you’ll be set.