Mercado Argentina

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mercado argentina
Photo courtesy of the Mercado Argentina Facebook page.


The Mercado Argentina is among the northernmost public markets in the Miguel Hidalgo alcaldía. It serves the community of Argentina Antigua just west of the important Calzada Legaria corridor that connects western Polanco with Tacuba, and the Metro Tacuba areas.  The neighborhoods are sandwiched by the multiple cemeteries in the Metro Panteones area to the North. The cemeteries of the Sanctorum parish, and that of Francés de San Joaquín monastery are to the south.

Like all of Mexico City’s Public Markets, this one packs a punch. You get better, fresher, healthier food, and for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant.

Lot of international visitors get the impression that Mexico City is both endless street tacos – and then a fair number of off-the-charts gourmet restaurants. But public markets are a nice middle ground. Especially in the afternoon, you get a balanced three-course meal, plus probably a desert and beverage. All that comes to usually less than $100 pesos.

The Mercado Argentina has a number of good places to eat, with sit-down service and more. We put together a guide to eating in the markets of Mexico City. There’s everything you need to know about fonda service, the menu-del-día, and comida corrida.

This way, you’re eating better, and exploring somewhere unique yet familiar in the City. You’re also supporting local small businesses, and area farmers. All that, while eating better, for much less.

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