1-Day Mexico City Itineraries and Airport Getaways

mexico city airport itineraries
Photo: Cesarth on Wikimedia Commons


Mexico City Itineraries can include lots in very little, in some large measure, because the airport is still so close to the center of the city. You’re not taking a one-hour taxi ride to an adjoining municipality.

In fact, a taxi to the center should take less than 20 minutes. 

Every itinerary should include lots of options. This site, and the accompanying app, will make the whole thing easier. But the itineraries below will also mean that you get a lot, even in 24 hours or less.

Got Kids?

Here’s a 24-hour agenda even for the best parents in the world. Mexico City is a treat for tykes. Here’s all you have to know.

12 Hours at the Airport? No Way!

How about a max 12-Hour airport escape agenda. It’s designed to let you see a lot, and still make your boarding call.

Public Market Bonanza

Mexico City’s public markets are an eating and drinking paradise. There’s dozens in the airport area, and hundreds more beyond.

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