Universum: UNAM Museum of the Sciences

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Universum is the Science Museum of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). It’s not the most visited by international visitors, but it’s one of the leading interactive science and technology museums in Latin America.

Opened in 1992, it was the first of its kind. On a 10-hectare site, the permanent exhibitions are found inside of 13 main gallery and exhibition spaces. The museum’s mission is to contribute to the university’s and the country’s scientific and technological culture. Exhibitions are intended to advance understanding using simplified language and accessible exhibitions. The museum also serves as an archive for research done by UNAM researchers.

Temporary exhibits have drawn from international institutions and many have attracted students from all over the city and the country. These have also included work from researchers and photographers from around the world.

Universum staff also collaborate closely with staff at many other institutions. These can include exhibitions at the Museum of Light, in the historic center of the city, or at any of the many UNAM affiliated museums.

First time international visitors might stumble into the Universum on a trip to the broader University City area which offers lots to see and explore. We work hard to keep the list complete, but the truth is, there’s always a lot more going on.

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