UNAM Botanical Garden

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

The Botanical Garden of the Instituto de Biología de la UNAM, also known as the Fausto Miranda greenhouse, the second oldest botanical garden in Mexico. For its diversity and representation of species, this place has a national nature. The greenhouse hosts excellent specimens, even endangered ones. In this garden, the aim is that kids learn respect and love for the plants, and because of that you can find promotional and educational activities, as well as activities devoted to research and conservation.

Visitors may have the opportunity to discover the great diversity of Mexico, wandering through over 1600 plant species that grow in the forest, deserts and jungle of Mexico. It also has workshops and special tours that allow the visitors to contribute to the sustainable use of biodiversity.

The garden also functions as a research center for professionals on the field and biologists.

During winter, access is restricted an hour early from usual. It closes on festive days, easter and winter break.

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