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Tuvie Maizel Historic Jewish and Holocaust Museum (Museo Histórico Judío y del Holocausto Tuvie Maizel) was founded by Doctor Tuvie Maizel. After a long redesign, gives service throughout five sections: El Mundo que se fue (The World Which Left), El Surgimiento del Nazismo (Nazism Rise), El Holocausto (The Holocaust), La Creación del Estado de Israel (The Creation of the State of Israel) and Escuadrón 201 (Squadron 201).

The museum's collection consists of more than a thousand photographies which share Jew's life before the Holocaust, during the Holocaust and after camp’s liberation, so as obviously the creation of the state of Israel and the survivors in México. The museum has current donations of Jews and different parts of the world and especifically from the country, where their traditions and thoughts are pictured.

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