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Tezozómoc Park is named for the former ruler of the Tepaneca people in what is today Azcapotzalco. The park was built under the direction of Mario Schjetnan in 1982. It was built alongside the construction going on at the time for Metro Line 6. The land set aside for the park is part of the old Hacienda Rosario. The design of the park takes many ideas from ancient cities.

At 17 hectares, the park centers around a lake intended to mirror the great Lake Texcoco, surrounded by mountains, sidewalks, and indigenous flora and fauna. Today, home to a great deal of water fowl, visitors may witness white herons or northern shovelers. The lake is also home to common carp and Japanese turtles.

Tezozómoc Park receives an average of around 5,000 people weekly and it’s an important meeting point for Azacapotzalco residents. It’s easily accessible from Metro Tezozómoc or Metro Rosario.


According to legend, Tezozómoc lived from 1320 until 1426. Lord of the Tepaneca people, he was known for his military prowess and strategic genius. He’s also said to have been cold, cruel, and ruthless. In fact, some legends have it that he lived so long that in his last decades he was carried around wrapped in a blanket. Nevertheless, it was only upon Tezozómoc’s death, and a fratricide between his heirs, that the Mexica could finally overthrow the Tepenecas. This is generally agreed to mark the beginning of the Triple Alliance in 1427.

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Manuel Salazar S/N, Hacienda del Rosario, Prados del Rosario, Azcapotzalco, 02410 CDMX


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