Tepeyac Cemetery

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The cemetery was founded in 1660 by canon Juan María García Quintana, knight of Orden de Guadalupe, although it is not confirmed, since other historians believe it was founded in XVIII. It is a part of the religious complex Villa de Guadalupe.

The remains of Antonio López de Santa Anna, Xavier Villaurrutia, Ernesto Elorduy, Ponciano Díaz, Filomeno Mata (and it is even said) San Juan Diego rest in peace in this cemetery. Funeral monuments stand out for their Neogothical style, their Art Nouveau style, Art Decó style and Romanesque style.

It is now a museum when one may enter by means of a previous appointment due to its historic and architectonical value. It consists of two living rooms, the first one about the history of Cerro del Tepeyac since mexicas until present day; the second one about the cemetery’s history.

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