San Ángel Flower Market

Photo: Milenagh93 on Wikimedia Commons


The San Ángel Flower Market is part of the long tradition of the neighborhood. It dates all the way back to the Carmelite friars who cultivated flowers along with the fruits that made them famous in the grand orchards of Chimalistac.

A trip to the Carmelite museum is often followed up with a trip to this stretch of the Avenida Revolución. As quite a heavily-trafficked avenue, this is no doubt one of the quietest and most colorful stretches. As it’s fame extends to cover nearly all of the neighborhood, it’s especially crowded during yearly celebrations like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It’s widely considered the most important flower market in this part of the city.

Like a lot of flower markets, this one began as a part of another more general public market. In this case, it was the Mercado Melchor Múzquiz which opened in 1958. With its distinctive murals, it was quickly one of the area’s most popular public markets and demand for the flowers and plants there soon outgrew the space available. That market is also called the San Ángel Market. So, do be careful which market you’re trying to get to as the two are often confused.

Although the San Ángel Flower Market is just one strip of vendors facing the Avenida Revolucion, a lot of vendors are packed in there. Just about everything they sell will make you smile.

It’s a quick walk down the avenue from Metro Barranca del Muerto on the 7 Line. For lots of visitors, it’s the first and best thing they’ll see.


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