Ripley Museum, ¡aunque usted no lo crea!

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

Some of the most unusual and curious cases about people around the world cases are displayed. The cases are documented by the American collector and cartoonist Robert L. Ripley; for example, there is the story of Thomas Wedders a circus entertainer in Yorkshire, England, who had a nose 19 cm long, or a replica of the world's tallest man.

The museum was opened in 1992 and is located in a building shaped like a medieval castle. It has 12 exhibition rooms with previously unseen items like rat wine, shrunken human heads, a giant Chinese jade coin and other eccentricities. Kids will be amazed by everything they will see and adults will feel, again, as little children.

The price is per two museums: Ripley and the Wax Museum.

Mexico City

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