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Open - Limited Services / Capacity

This gallery shows sculptures, paintings, illustrations, drawings, carvings, photos, digital art and mixed art by emerging artists, and also looks for the best places to exhibit them in all the republic. 

Nearest Venues

How to get here
Leibnitz #204, Col. Polanco.

Embassies & Consulates

Czech Republic Embassy

Nearest at 0.05 kms.

Art & Culture

ESPAC Contemporary Art in Anzures

Nearest at 0.44 kms.


"Man before the Infinite" by Rufino Tamayo

Nearest at 0.47 kms.

Embassies & Consulates

Australian Embassy in Mexico

Nearest at 0.47 kms.

Art & Culture

Pablo Goebel Fine Arts

Nearest at 0.61 kms.

Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas