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Plaza San Jacinto San Angel

A Saturday Artisan Market to Remember

Plaza San Jacinto is the public plaza outside of the San Jacinto Church. Best loved for the Saturday artisan market, it’s also the kind of plaza that recalls those in much smaller towns. Generally more tranquil than any of the surrounding city, it’s a popular neighborhood park, and a destination for visitors heading to any of the nearby restaurants, art galleries, and regular meeting places.

As the center of the town that emerged here in the 16th century, the Plaza San Jacinto shares many of the same history as the church, convent, and orphanage that for years made up the very heart of the local community. Today, the artisan market can recall at least some of that history.

For a deeper understanding, head into the Casa del Risco Museum, on the Plaza, which harbors a tremendous amount, not just of ecclesiastical art, but of many of the finest examples of local craft, too. On Saturday, the plaza is taken over by the painters who’ve made a living here since the mid 20th century.

The square also recalls the heroic St. Patrick Battalion which supported the Mexican army during the invasion by the USA in 1847. Soldiers were barracked in the Casa del Risco, and the same building was used as a hospital during the many weeks of bloody fighting in the battles for control of Mexico City.

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