Parque Tarango

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The Parque Tarango is not one of the most visited parks in the city. It is, however, a successful attempt to rescue a vulnerable and particularly rugged landscape that had been susceptible to pollution, flooding, and illegal development.

Today, the eco-parque Tarango gets some visitors from the nearby and more modest Parque Axomiatla which is just down the street. It also provides a much needed green belt along the border between the Álvaro Obregón and Cuajimalpa alcaldias. These are some of the most dramatically landscaped places in Mexico City. Some neighborhoods are visible only across the deeps chasms that define the local topography.

Most international visitors will go in for the forest walks and the vibrant greenery. This will be be especially important if you’ve been in some of the City’s more urban districts. But the park also has exercise equipment, trails for running, and ample places to take in a little sun. During rainier times of the year, the park’s reservoir will fill. In many years, it will dry completely.

But local activists and nature lovers have been an important part of the Parque Tarango’s rescue and rehabilitation. Today, it’s a very successful ecological venture, and one proves that neighborhood residents can have a big impact on their local environment.

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