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Parque Arboledas, Del Valle

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Arboledas_cabana centro cultural
Photo: Alcaldía Benito Juárez


The Parque Arboledas opened in 1986 in the colonia Del Valle VI, though will tell you it’s part of Centro Del Valle. It serves residents from the south of the Narvarte and Letran Valle neighborhoods too. It was for a time named for the street to the park’s south and it’s still occasionally referred to as “Parque Pilares.”

  • Our Lady of the Pillar is the Patron of Aragon (in Spain). For devotees, she’s widely considered the first Marian Apparition. She is said to have appeared to the Apostle James the Greater in 40 C.E. He was preaching in what is today, Spain. The Virgin Mary was, at the time, still living in Jerusalem.

The Parque Arboldedas was thoroughly remodeled in 2008. That work replaced all of the lighting, and added ramps to improve accessibility. The 700 meter clay running track is the neighborhood’s favorite place to run. And the park takes special pride in hosting the “La Cabaña” arts and culture center, especially for older residents of the area.

Like most of the Del Valle neighborhoods in central Mexico City, this one was sub-divided in the early 20th century. Nearly all the area had been parts of a few ranches through the preceding century. The park is today just a few-minutes-walk west along calle Matías Romero from Metro División del Norte.

How to get here
  • Heriberto Frías 921, Col del Valle Centro, Benito Juárez, 03100 CDMX


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