Pablo Goebel Fine Arts


Pablo Goebel Fine Arts is one of the leading art dealers and consultants in Polanco. Pablo Goebel supports and advises many private art collectors and public institutions. He advises on acquisitions of works by old masters, and on much more recent artists and their work. The gallery is also very proud to work with many younger and promising Mexican artists.

The gallery is probably best known for some truly blue-chip Mexican masters. Among the most exciting are Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Zúñiga, and Rodolfo Niego. The exhibitions and many collaborations are also often accompanied by catalog publications.

A frequent participant in Mexico City’s Gallery Weekend and similar events, the Polanco site does recommend calling ahead if you’d like to visit. Special events are also generally announced on Facebook, or on Instagram.

The gallery also sells on consignment. Advising many of the best collections in the country, the services of the organization also include authentication of some of that work. Pablo Gobel Fine Arts therefore maintains good contact with many experts in the field and pertaining especially to the works of the many artists they come across.

Among the most well-respected in a very tight Polanco arts market, the organization is a benefit there, and perhaps, to much of the city and the country.

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