National Sound Archive (Fonoteca Nacional, Casa Alvarado)

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The Casa Alvarado now houses the National Sound Archive (Fonoteca Nacional). Although it is called Alvarado, it did not belong to the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado and he never lived there. It was, however, the home of Octavio Paz, who spent his last days in this residence; and of American archaeologist Zelia María Magdalena Nuttal. It is said that she hosted many foreigners living in Mexico at her literary gatherings, including the writer and poet David Herbert Lawrence. On the facade the finishes known as ajaracas in the Mudejar style jut out.

Moreover, the National Sound Archive is the "House of Mexico sounds". Its mission is to preserve the musical heritage of the country as part of the national culture. The Music Library collects, curates, preserves and disseminates music heritage for all audiences. It carries out the following activities, among others, to achieve its mission: directed listening sessions where a selection of sound files on any topic or from any time are performed for attendees, temporary exhibitions are also held with the assistance of sound artists where proposals for experimentation and sound creation are presented. What does the city sound like? Sound walks and tours are also carried out.

Mexico City

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