Mundo Chocolate (MUCHO)

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

A delicious journey that stimulates the taste buds and gives an overview about the history of chocolate and cocoa derived food, a plant native to Mexico. The word chocolate comes from the Nahuatl xocolatl. Preparation comprises sugar, cocoa, sometimes combined with milk and nuts. It is one of the most successful foods worldwide.

It consists of nine rooms upstairs and six meeting rooms on the ground floor. It is a journey through different eras which involved artistic, cultural and gastronomic events around the theme. There is an open dialogue between cocoa farmers, producers, manufacturers, foodies, chefs, artists, craftsmen and the visitor. MUCHO (by its acronym in spanish) offers workshops, courses, tasting and conferences in a multidisciplinary atmosphere that welcomes general public, even 5 years old children. Everyone have fun in this place while they can also enjoy a chocolate made by their own hands. It is located in a building dating from 1909 in Porfirian style.

Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas