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Metro Parque de los Venados

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

Photo: Cocu15 on Wikimedia Commons


The Metro Parque de los Venados is one of the new underground stations on Mexico City Metro Line 12. Named for the Park of the Deer, the station is technically just below the Parque Sefton/Benito Juárez park. This is the sort of public, civic square often used by the Benito Juárez alcaldía for events and fairs. The local government alcaldía buildings are immediately to the west. The Parque Sefton borders the Avenida División del Norte to the northeast. The main park is just beyond the avenue.

The station icon represent the two deer statues for which the park is colloquially named. Its actual name is the Parque Francisco Villa, for the Revolutionary War general. But the deer statues, in fact, pre-date the giant Francisco Villa monument by some decades. That was only moved to the park, and the park renamed,

Metro Parque de los Venados sees just under 12,000 passengers daily. Since 2018, the station has been home to the Radio Museum. The museum collection includes some 10,000 items related to the history of Mexican radio. Passengers passing through can see  audiovisual material and memorabilia. A model of the Metro train circulates and offers rides to kids in the Parque de los Venados, and sometimes, across the street in the Parque Sefton, too.

Just a block south of the Benito Juárez local government complex, the Mercado Santa Cruz Atoyac is a super convenient lunch and produce hub. It’s a great place to eat if you’re in the area.


Santa Cruz Atoyac Market

The place to eat by the Benito Juárez government buildings and the Parque de los Venados.

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Mexico City

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