Estación Juárez del STC Metro, Línea 3

Photo: Thelma Datter on Wikimedia Commons

Metro Juárez and Old Moyotlan

metro juarezMetro Juárez is one of those center-city stations most geared toward international visitors, and often all but invisible to city residents.

It’s super convenient to the Museum of Popular Art. It’s also close to two of the city’s biggest artisan markets, those at La Ciudadela and the Crafts & Curiosities Market at San Juan, as well as the San Juan Market itself.

For that matter, Metro Juarez is the station for the entire west side of the Centro Histórico – the neighborhood known as “Barrio San Juan Moyotlan.” Like any good neighborhood, it has a half dozen names. Known once, when Mexico-Tenochtitlan was an island, as Moyotlan, it’s called Centro Alameda, . Depressingly, that means “neighborhood of the mosquitos.”

The neighborhood is home to the city’s Chinatown, and it’s bordered in the north by the popular Avenida Juarez strip that leads from the city center, back to Paseo de la Reforma. That avenue is lined with a number of the neighborhood’s biggest attractions, plus the Federal Ministry of International Affairs, the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, and its a frequent promenade for visitors and city residents alike.

Metro Juarez is the front door for all of this. One block north is the thriving Independencia business corridor that leads to the Barrio Chino. Across avenida Balderas, the Articulo 123 corridor is slowly growing into another corridor, with newer younger businesses sprouting up, all right behind the Expo Reforma convention center.


  • Avenida Balderas, Colonia Centro, 06000 CDMX

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