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Metro Jamaica Platform
Photo: Thelmadatter on Wikimedia Commons

Metro Jamaica is on Line 9 of the Metro directly beneath the Mercado de Jamaica flower market. The Line 4 station, which connects here with Line 9, is a bit further north. One can still fairly easily navigate the walk south along Congreso de la Union avenue, even despite its less than user-friendly sidewalks. In general it’s best to exit to the market from the Line 9 exits.

The Jamaica Metro station logo features an elote, the corn-cob symbol reminiscent of the days when the market was a major transfer point for produce coming into the city, from Xochimilco, and from other points to the east of the city. The colors are those of the two Metro lines, 9 and 4 which connect here.

In fact, Jamaica is but one of many Metro Stations within the public transit system named for, or chiefly serving the Public Markets just upstairs. Even though it may not seem so easy to get from Metro Jamaica to the La Merced Metro station, you will see lots of working people traveling from market to market or back to their own retail outlets from the market. There’s also Metro La Viga and even Metro Salto Del Agua has a big market just upstairs.

That’s part of the joy the Mexico City Metro! One can always see a bag jammed with elotes, or boxes of deli-food being repacked on the platform. In fact, the Mercado de Jamaica – and all of the markets on the east side of the city are also part of the city’s long and even historical attempt to get more markets into fixed locations, and off of the otherwise chaotic streets. This struggle has been going on since the city was called Mexico-Tenochtitlan. Just like the Metro itself is intended to get cars off the crowded streets, flower markets work best when they’re not crammed with cars, but visited by the multitudes of flower-seekers arriving by Metro.

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