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Encuentro de culturas
The painting “Encuentro de culturas” is on view within the División del Norte station.

division del norte station logoMetro División del Norte is named for the major avenue which passes over it. The avenue is named for the army led by Francisco Villa during the Mexican Revolution.

The station logo is an interpretation of the sculpture representing the famous general. During the construction of the Metro, the  the sculpture was relocated to the Parque de los Venados which is sometimes also called Parque Francisco Villa. The dramatic pedestrian bridges were built to ease pedestrian access to the station and around the round-about.

Meeting of Cultures

The station is well-known for hosting the giant painting by Italian artist, Graziella Scotese. Painted between 1982 and 1986, it was installed in the station in 2007. The central part of the mural depicts two allegorical figures with two interlocking circles. The first makes reference to Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” in the form of a European woman, pregnant. She joins hands with Ixchel, the second figure, a giver of life, in the Maya culture. Ixchel is considered mother of the earth and of the waters.

The artist was born in Rome, Italy, to a family of artists. She came to Mexico in 1978 to study and has maintained a presence in both countries ever since.

Metro División del Norte is convenient to the Benito Juárez government buildings, south of the station. That complex borders the Parque de los Venados just to the east. Don’t confuse the park with the much closer Arboledas Park, just west of the station. In general, the station is convenient to most of the neighborhoods of Del Valle, Letrán Valle, Vertiz Narvarte, and Santa Cruz Atoyac.

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