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metro Allende station logo
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metro allende logoMetro Allende is on Calle Tacuba in the city-center. It’s notable for a number of good reasons.

Built in one of the oldest parts of the city, architects and engineers had to accommodate a much smaller available space. That resulted in one of the only stations where you can’t change directions without exiting the station. You’d actually have to cross the street.

From the street there are also multiple entrance-exits making it feel a little more like the New York City subway. Platforms are also narrower than in other stations. So be careful if it’s crowded.

The station logo is a rather whimsical likeness of Ignacio Allende. He was an Independence War hero who took over after the execution of Miguel Hidalgo in 1811.

The station is named for the street of the same name, Allende. But upstairs you’ll find a tree-lined block of the famous Calle Tacuba, from whatever exit you ultimately use. So, although the eyeglasses vendors can be pretty upfront up top of this metro, it’s an excellent place from which to see the street, and many of the sites in this part of the Centro Histórico.

Nearby sites are probably too many to list, but in the immediate vicinity you’ll find:

The Garden of the Triple Alliance;
The Army/Air Force Museum – Bethlemitas;
The Library of Congress;
The Interactive Museum; of the Economy.

Or click here for a virtual tour of Calle Tacuba. You’ll learn about the above and a lot more.

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Esquina y 06010, Calle de Tacuba, Calle de Motolinia Centro Histórico, 06000 CDMX

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