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Mercado Melchor Múzquiz de San Ángel
Photo: Protoplasma Kid on Wikimedia Commons


Mercado Melchor Múzquiz is more commonly known as the The Mercado de San Ángel. Open since 1958, it’s most striking from the street for the outstanding murals by Ariosto Otero Reyes completed in 2008. Otero Reyes is mostly associated with large-scale public works in Álvaro Obregón & Magdalena Contreras, that is, in the city’s southwest. Although, in fact, his work can be found all over the city.

Covering both inside and outside walls, the murals offer a fascinating glimpse into Mexico’s past and present. Entrance way arches are flanked by no fewer than 67 figures. Interested visitors may be able to pick out the likenesses of Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco, the earliest and most well-known muralists. In other sections, Pedro Infante and the writers, Carlos Monsiváis and Elena Poniatowska can also be spotted.

Although the market is better known as the San Ángel Market, the market is officially named after Melchor Múzquiz, a former president who held office briefly in 1832. He’s best remembered for his transparency surrounding public finances.

The market to honor his name and legacy opened during a period of broad public marketplace construction in the city. It’s raucous, but one of the most frequently mentioned in the international press and visitor’s guide to Mexico City.

  • Don’t confuse the Mercado Melchor Múzquiz with the better-known flower market, the Mercado de Flores de San Ángel. The flower market is much bigger, and occupies more than a full block a bit further north on Avenida Revolución.
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