Mercado Granada

mercado granada
Photo courtesy of the Mercado Granada Facebook page.


The Mercado Granada seems often met with exclamations of disbelief. Can there really be a public market in Granada? The Granada and Ampliación Granada neighborhoods have changed so completely, and so quickly, it’s a nice surprise that there’s still a bit of the old neighborhood.

The truth is, the Granada neighborhood is only assumed to end at the Viaducto Rio San Joaquin. It goes on a few blocks on the other side too. That means, the public market that seems to be right on the edge, is actually central to much of colonia Granada. It’s also the market of choice for the Cuauhtémoc Pensil and Dos Lagos neighborhoods, too.

This is good news for people struggling to eat in Nuevo Polanco. Sure, you can get fine dining. But for honest, fresh nutritious food, Mexico’s never eaten at a restaurant. Mexico City’s public markets are a magnificent solution to everyday feeding a big, big city.

With usually around 100 vendors inside and a few outside, it’s the freshest and most nutritious place you can possibly eat in Mexico City’s colonia Granada. The market is also, brilliantly, just about square in the middle of the Parque Lineal that runs along both sides of the railroad. So getting there and back is a treat too.

  • If you’ve never eaten in a Mexican public market, we put together a quick guide. Comida corrida and el menu del día are on the agenda. And here’s everything you need to know to make it easier.  It’s really your best alternative to too much street food, (though obviously, you’ll eat that too).