Mercado Aquiles Serdán, Venustiano Carranza

mercado Aquiles Serdán
Photo: Alcaldía Venustiano Carranza


The Mercado Aquiles Serdán has what is easily one of the most facades of any of Mexico City’s public markets. Enormous by any standards, it’s a terrific place to eat. It’s in the neighborhood of the same name, in Venustiano Carranza in the city’s east. The market is roughly equidistant between Metros Aragon and Oceania. It opened in 1966, and was thoroughly renovated in 2017.

Roughly 6 minutes by taxi from the airport, it comes as welcome relief from airport food. Like all Mexico City Public Markets, this one hosts dozens of vendors. Of course you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, but the point is really to eat healthy prepared food, at least when you’re traveling.

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You’re also supporting locally owned small business. They’re the kind of people who are always glad to see you. Recipes are what local working people demand, and prices are too. There’s few better places to learn everything there is to know about Mexico City cuisine, culture, and eating.

Of course, the Mercado Aquiles Serdán is just one of hundred of city markets. And one of dozens of things to do near the airport. If you’re flight is in for longer than lunch, we’ve got a whole collection of things to do. But to do them, you’re gonna need lunch. Let’s make it a good one.