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Casa De L aMemoria Indomita


The Casa de la Memoria Indómita is an important human rights museum in the City center. The museum works to present art and artistic expressions that include music, photography, painting, writing, documentary, design, history, and academic work related to the human rights struggle in Mexico and Latin America. The museum’s primary mission is to keep the memory of the tens of thousands of disappeared people alive. They use these memories to demand justice.

Originally devised by the organization, H.I.J.O.S México, the museum has an archive, film club, a shop, and a café. It’s the frequent host to conferences, seminars and workshops. The museum opened in 2005.

Core exhibition materials are from the the archive of the Committee EUREKA! The archive has been  organized, catalogued, and digitized by the Autonomous University of Mexico City, (UACM). Support comes from many other organizations. Social movements provide the bulk of material for temporary and permanent exhibitions. The results are always illuminating. The website or Facebook page provide current details.

The Casa de la Memoria Indómita (The House of the Indomitable Memory) has been a fixture on the Calle Regina since it opened. The museum opened well before the street became a pedestrian-only thoroughfare lined with cafés and taverns. The memories today include a fair number of successes, including not just awareness.

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Regina No. 66, Centro Histórico, Cuauhtémoc 06000 CDMX


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