Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

It is one of the oldest planetariums in Latin America, built four decades ago and inside the vault of heaven is simulated with a planetary projector, brand Carl Seizz, Mark IV model, consisting of 29 thousand pieces, plus 150 more simple projectors.

Stars, galaxies and skies with external optical telescopes can be seen at Domo de Inmersión Digital in real time; along surgeries, oil explorations, as well as on-line classes. Through digital animation, scientific modeling can be performed on physical, chemical or biological phenomena in two and three dimensions.

In the "Constelaciones" building, education and training courses, conferences and classes in the auditorium with a capacity for 60 people, video conferencing system and multimedia equipment are held. This site also offers interactive exhibits and science workshops aimed at children, with the adequate information so they can understand what they will watch, that will create attraction to astronomy and science in general.

Mexico City

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