LIGA Space for Architecture

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LIGA is an independent exhibition platform for the promotion and support of contemporary Latin American architecture. They do this through workshops and conferences, film screenings, publishing, as well as through their frequent very well-attended exhibitions. Most of their activities have taken place in Mexico City.

A non-profit initiative, LIGA was organized by Abel Perles, Carlos Bedoya, Víctor Jaime, and Wonne Ickx from the architectural studio PRODUCTORA. They worked in collaboration with the curator and art critic, Ruth Estevez.

The aim is to exchange ideas and support research on contemporary architecture, as well as to support architectural and artistic development and understanding. Exhibitions of the work of Mexican and Latin American architects and artists are generally installed every three months.

LIGA has received international recognition. Invited to participate in the “The Institute Effect” at the 3rd Triennial of Architecture in Lisbon, the received a grant from the Graham Foundation April of 2014. They’ve also exhibited at the Architecture Foundation in London.

Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas