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Karen Huber Gallery
Photo courtesy of the Karen Huber Facebook page.


The Galería Karen Huber is billed as a contemporary art platform engaging with curatorial projects. The intent is to present emerging artists, and many of them tops on the national and international scenes. The gallery focuses primarily on pictorial production and the exploration of its processes in relation to other disciplines and forms of artistic representation. It’s a terrific place to see Mexico City’s current painting and 2-D scene writ large. They’ll also bust out with the occasional multi-media or installation – but seemingly always tastefully understated.

That said, openings are always well-attended. That may be in part because, in the always nascent lower-Bucareli corridor, the gallery is one of a few now making a big splash. The neighborhood’s rebirth is following close on the heels of development going on in eastern Colonia Juarez, just across the street.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in town for an opening, don’t miss it.

Though obviously individual exhibitions can be judged on their own merits, for sheer curatorial spunk, Karen Huber has shown a real talent for culling some of Mexico City’s freshest visionaries. The gallery’s also proven a real benefit to the community. Even with a gallery rather far off the well-trodden Roma-Condesa gallery circuit, this one’s proven the regenerative power of art.

How to get here
Bucareli 120, Colonia Centro, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06040 CDMX


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