Juan Martín Gallery

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It was founded in 1961 and hosted the “Rupture” Generation, a group of artists who broke away from the Mexican school in the 60’s. They were Arnaldo Coen, Lilia Carrillo, Manuel Felguérez, Fernando Garcia Ponce, Alberto Gironella Corzas Francisco, Vicente Rojo, Gabriel Ramirez, Roger von Gunten and Francisco Toledo. From the 70’s, photographers joined such as Manuel and Lola Alvarez Bravo, Marco Antonio Cruz and others. Sculptors like Sebastian Alba Red, Marina Lascaris, Marta Palau and others also joined.

It is characterised by being a platform for the expression of dissenting voices. It initially exhibited geometrism, abstractionism, informalism, neofiguratism and any other art form that had no place in official spaces.

Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas