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Open - Limited Services / Capacity

This park is located near Metro Coyoacán. You can find different sports and craft workshops aimed at children. Ideal to spend some time among friends and family, in addition to being one of the best parks in all Mexico City.

It is located one block away from Circuito Interior Río Mixcoac.

Nearest Venues

How to get here
José María Olloqui s/n, Col. del Valle.

Transit Stations

Metro Coyoacán

Nearest at 0.49 kms.

Shopping & Neighborhoods

Centro Coyoacán Shopping Center

Nearest at 0.59 kms.

Historic Sites/Buildings

Chapel of Santo Tomás, Actipan

Nearest at 0.67 kms.

Historic Sites/Buildings

Multifamiliar Presidente Alemán

Nearest at 0.81 kms.

Historic Sites/Buildings

Torre Manacar

Nearest at 0.88 kms.

Mexico City

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