Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura

Open - Limited Services / Capacity


Gimnasio de arte y cultura is an independent space created to promote arts in a non-academic environment. Founded in 2007 by artists and cultural managers, the point was to offer an alternative way of getting closer to visual arts and photography. The Gimnasio de arte y cultura might be understood as an art and culture fitness center. It’s something that needs to be exercised everyday, thinking of art habitually.

Workshops and graduate studies are guided by artists and professionals working in the contemporary scene. That means there’s a constant and current dialog between the students and the living culture. The Gimnasio is located in the heart of the Roma Nte neighborhood.  

The workshops schedule changes every month, and info is posted on the website and on the Facebook Page

In addition to academic workshops and activities, this space has two areas for rent; one indoor and one outdoor room, both perfect for a professional photo shooting, small exhibitions and conferences. 


Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas