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The Galería Oscar Román opened in 1991. Since then, it’s been one of the leading Polanco galleries making its mark with neo-conceptual, innovative, and challenging work with some of the leading names in the business. Unapologetically representing Mexican talent, the gallery also avidly offers ongoing educational courses on the most avant garde works and artists. The gallery’s slant is firmly rooted in the 20th century post-war period. But works today push at the edges, in terms of scale, theme, materials, and execution.

Of the director, Oscar Román himself, an August 2020 article in El Sol de México article put it this way:

The gallery owner is passionate about art in all its forms, but he’s a a true lover of surrealism. His concern to publicize artistic works led him to develop in areas such as curator, lecturer, advisor, and as a member of mulitple  associations. 

On the overall art market, Óscar Román has expanded horizons and pushed onto the international stage. In the gallery’s nearly 30 years, they’ve held over 400 national and international exhibitions. Outstanding works have come from Jesús Urbieta, Alejandro Arango, José Bustamante, Rocío Caballero, among others.

The gallery also features an artwork every week in a “special sale.” With hands in restoration, education, and mostly in promoting a stable and growing body of work, it’s one of the Polanco galleries that will still open with a splash.


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