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fundacion marzo
Photo courtesy of the Fundacion MARSO Facebook Page.

The MARSO Foundation began as a nonprofit curatorial initiative in 2012. The organization ran a commercial gallery for a short time, but in 2018 the program was changed to included more focus on curation. At the same time, the physical space was converted to one of the city’s leading residency spaces for working artists. Since then, they’ve hosted numerous Mexican and international artists.

Over the course of 2019, the foundation underwent a further transformation. The result was a new program that refocuses the foundation’s work in four distinct creative areas: exhibitions, residencies, education, and publishing. Together these lines converge in producing thought provoking initiatives that engage with the city, national, and international art scenes. The foundation is committed to an ongoing exhibition schedule. Special emphasis is placed on themes of particular relevance to a Mexican and Latin American context.

The foundation works with both mid-career and emerging artists. Exhibitions frequently call for persistent and deep reflection and dialogue on contemporary art practices in all other latitudes.

Marso has also been an important part of the revitalization of the East Juárez neighborhood. This is reflected in the community of restaurants, nightspots, coffee shops as well as other visual arts establishments in the area.

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