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The National Fund for the Development of Arts and Crafts (Fonart) encourages artisans throughout Mexico to create and share their techniques through the exhibition and sale of their products. Thus the Federal Government formed this organization in support of this sector. The store exhibits works in traditional fabrics but also in paper and cardboard, wood carving, talavera, black mud and more.

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Libraries & Archives

Church of San Juan Mixcoac & Plaza Gómez Farias

Nearest at 0.43 kms.


Metro Museum

Nearest at 0.49 kms.

Public Spaces & Monuments

Rosendo Arnaiz Park

Nearest at 0.50 kms.

Transit Stations

Metro Mixcoac

Nearest at 0.51 kms.

Transit Stations

Metro San Antonio

Nearest at 0.58 kms.

Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas