Encuentro Fortuna Shopping Center

Encuentro Fortuna
Photo: Phyrexian on Wikimedia Commons


Encuentro Fortuna is another shopping center that’s helping to make Lindavista into the most formidable shopping neighborhood in the north of the city. Upscale, it’s got all the extras, plus it’s on the newer side of what’s turning into a big turnaround for Lindavista as a center for fashion, entertainment, and casual living.

With a major supermarket anchor, there are a good smattering of luxury and boutique shops. The building, finished only in 2017, is by Lemus Architects.  They’ve made a name for themselves in this hyper-futuristic looking shopping center. It’s been generally very well received by the neighborhood. Lemus has designed a number of other shopping centers in the city, among them the Patio Claveria in the Claveria neighborhood of Azcapotzalco but this is one of the biggest. The architects are even more famous for their office buildings and corporate towers, the Torre Diana off of Reforma in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood among them.

Here in Lindavista, the Encuentro Fortuna adds significant competition to what’s already a crowded market. The neighborhood has been famous since the 1960s for the Sears at Plaza Lindavista. That was followed up later in 2006 by the giant Parque Lindavista. Just south of there, and technically in the Magdalena de las Salinas neighborhood, this is one more place to get your fill in, or at least right around, Lindavista.

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