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Cuemanco Plant and Flower Market

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

Photo: Valeria Delgado on Wikimedia Commons.


The Cuemanco Plant and Flower Market (Mercado de Plantas y Flores de Cuemanco) is across the street from the Xochimilco Ecological Park. Specializing in live plants and greenhouse products, it’s the biggest of its kind anywhere in Latin America.

The Xochimilco Ecological Park opened in 1993. The market, actually part of the park is one of the main ways the park is able to sustain itself. Even if you’re not planning to buy plants and flowers, a simple walk through is worth a couple of hours. 

The market usually hosts some 600 different vendors. It’s an enormous variety of plant species, many of them from all over the world. Cacti, fruit trees, tulips, violets, bonsai, aromatic plants, medicinal herbs and binding reeds can all be found here. Sellers are also a tremendous resource. Most are experts in the plants they sell. And advice and care instructions are all part of the selling process. Indoors, outdoors, sunny, dry, or any kind of environment; they’re all reproduced here to support the plants being sold.  

Of course, any visit to Cuemanco is a feast for the senses. The ecological park and the boat launches are all within a few minutes walk. Xochimilco is a must-see stop when you’re in Mexico City. And if you can’t take plants home, they still make wonderful gifts for your hosts and friends. 

The Cuemanco Plant and Flower Market also maintains a very healthy presence on Facebook and on some other social media sites and networks. Check for special events there too.

Hours: Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

How to get here


Metro Lomas Estrella

Nearest at 2.54 kms.

Metro Calle 11

Nearest at 2.65 kms.

Parque Las Antenas

Nearest at 2.75 kms.


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