Alfredo Harp Helú Baseball Stadium

Alfredo Harp Helú
Photo: Wotancito on Wikimedia Commons


The Alfredo Harp Helú Baseball Stadium is, at long last, the home field for the Mexican Red Devils. The Diablos Rojos had played almost 20 seasons without a proper field, since the Seguro Social Park closed in 2000. They rented space at the nearby Foro Sol for better than 15 seasons, but finally held an opening day on March 23, 2019. The president threw out the first ball, the first time that had happened since 1949.

The stadium has a capacity of 20,576 seats. It’s also the only sports stadium to be built in the city in the past 50 years. Architects Francisco González Pulido (FGP Atelier) and Alonso De Garay (ADG Workshop) have received accolades from around the world, too. The iconic roof is said to express an openness to the surroundings, while  protecting visitors from rain and sun during the game. Between turns two and three of the famous Hermanos Rodrigues Formula 1 Autoracing Track, this is the place to be.

With the most innovative viewing screens and up-to-date technology, a night game of baseball is just what lots of fans ordered.  Alfredo Harp Helú was a businesss man and a baseball fan who promised the stadium way back when the Seguro Social park closed down. Today, fans get a wonderful baseball park, with loads of public art installations, and always a lot to see and experience.